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Dec. 12 | Guest: Vince DiGiorgio
Vince shares his journey in the custom tailoring and clothing business. And, his advice on not losing focus on what's really important.

Dec. 13 
| Guest: Sarah Compter

Sarah, a sales process expert, shares her experiences of helping companies grow through an outsourced sales process and team.

Dec. 14 | Guest: Mario Daniele
Learn how Mario, one of Rochester's premiere entrepreneurs, started out — and what he has planned for the future.

Dec. 15 | Guest: Bob Duffy
Listen in to hear how Bob Duffy is one of the leaders spearheading the charge of the renaissance of Rochester.

Dec. 18 | Guest: Don Jeffries
Learn more about Don Jeffries, Rochester's biggest cheerleader as he and his team help at Visit Rochester to bring in more than 1 billion dollars in tourist revenue per year to The Greater Rochester Area.

Dec. 19 | Guest: Michelle Roberts
Michelle Roberts tells her story as a young, shy business owner from out of town, took a deep breath, rolled up her sleeves and worked hard to create one of the move successful branding companies in Rochester.

Dec. 20 | Guest: Eric Leinberg
Learn how Eric, a hidden gem of an entrepreneur in Rochester, is on his FOURTH successful start-up.


David Mammano

Meet the host: David Mammano

For more than 20 years, David Mammano has been a serial entrepreneur. Having started seven businesses from scratch, he thrives on starting and growing businesses. Today he helps others start or grow their businesses by showing them how to infuse the latest entrepreneurial principles into their strategies. He does this through the interviews on his radio show and international podcast, with personal coaching, and also professional speaking. 

More about David:
• 3x Inc. Magazine 5,000 Company — recognized as one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs 
• TEDx speaker
• Host of the Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast
• Host of the Avanti Entrepreneur Radio Show
• Adjunct professor at the University of Rochester
• 23-year entrepreneur who has started seven companies 

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