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Feb 15 | Guest: Bob Duffy
Listen in to hear how Bob Duffy is one of the leaders spearheading the charge of the renaissance of Rochester.

Feb 16 | Guest: Jim Senall
Jim Senall is one of the top instigators of Rochester's renaissance. As leader of High Tech Rochester, he is making things happen.

Feb 19 | Guest: Heather Caruso
Heather is a woman running a business that is traditionally run by men. Listen in on how she uses that to her advantage and has created a thriving business by doing things differently.

Feb 20 
| Guest: Jill Stolt
WellVentions, founded by Jill Stolt, is an inner city entrepreneur program that teach teens about starting a business. Listen in as I interview Jill and her students about their pasta, their sauce, where they sell it, AND what it has taught them about life.

Feb 21 | Guest: Sergio Esteban
Listen in as Sergio discusses how LaBella has grown from 8 employees when he started the company to more than 650, and how they have gone from doing business just in Rochester, NY to the world.

David Mammano

Meet the host: David Mammano

For more than 20 years, David Mammano has been a serial entrepreneur. Having started seven businesses from scratch, he thrives on starting and growing businesses. Today he helps others start or grow their businesses by showing them how to infuse the latest entrepreneurial principles into their strategies. He does this through the interviews on his radio show and international podcast, with personal coaching, and also professional speaking. 

More about David:
• 3x Inc. Magazine 5,000 Company — recognized as one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs 
• TEDx speaker
• Host of the Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast
• Host of the Avanti Entrepreneur Radio Show
• Adjunct professor at the University of Rochester
• 23-year entrepreneur who has started seven companies 

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