David Mammano's Story

“It is so personally fulfilling to be able to take my successes (and my mistakes), and package them up into products that truly point people in the right direction of reaching their potential. I can’t explain how gratifying it is. I feel like I was put here on this Earth to do exactly this.”

—David Mammano, Founder, Avanti Entrepreneur Group

We begin our journey in 1995 when David Mammano, a young punk kid who had enough of having a boss and decided to venture out on his own. He decided to quit his “real job” in radio sales and follow the path of an entrepreneur. 
David had dreamed about starting a business for a long time and thought about his passions and worked on combining them into something that also could yield profits. 
In college, David loved working at the newspaper.  He wrote, sold ads and eventually become the advertising sales manager.  But even more so, David loved helping youth with their future. His upbringing was amazing, and he feels so blessed and grateful for it, he dedicated himself to helping young adults find their path and reach their potential. Every one has a dream and David gets personal fulfillment and great energy when helping others create the drive and plan to chase their dream.
In trying to combine this avid love of helping young people, he decided to start Next Step Magazine; a resource that would help teens with planning for life after high school.
On January 3, 1995, David left the radio sales job and was now an official “Magazine Publisher.”  (Although that first evening he found himself chopping broccoli for the Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar to make some extra income while starting out. What some might perceive as humbling, David found to be exhilarating – he was following his dream!)

Five months later, David still remembers holding the first issue. Almost like the first baby who would grow up to help others in a most impactful way. 

The magazine was a massive success and spread nationally—helping 3,000,000 teens with college, career and life planning per year in more than 20,000 high schools. The company became an Inc. Magazine 5000 company three years in a row!

Fast forward to 2013… Print for teens was far from cutting-edge technology. David and his team revamped the business to create
new directions including:
• NextStepU.com | A website that replace the printed magazine
• Next Step Academy | An online school
• LINK Magazine | A printed magazine for high school guidance counselors
• Next Step College Planning Center | A retail model that provides enhanced college planning services
• Next Step College Prep | An online college planning curriculum
that is licensed to high schools, charter schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other organizations that serve youth 
Today, all the Next Step properties have been spun off except for Next Step College Prep, which has become the core of that business unit.

Selling off the Next Step properties gave David more time to ponder his own “next step.” With what felt like perfect timing, he received a call from a 25-year-old young entrepreneur. He had called to thank David for a mentorship meeting five years previously. In that meeting, David had given him some helpful advice which propelled him to great business success. At the end of the call, the young man suggested that David should start a business where he coaches others about starting and growing businesses. Viola! …David’s latest business idea was born. 

David immediately met with Diana Fisher, a longtime member of the team and current Marketing VP about his idea. One month later, the Avanti Entrepreneur Group was launched!
AvantiEntrepreneurGroup.com and DavidMammano.com are now thriving enterprises helping dreamers start and grow businesses. David and his team provide services to entrepreneurs through the popular Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast, Avanti Entrepreneur Summits, an online course, coaching services, mastermind groups, professional speaking, books and more.
After riding the entrepreneur rollercoaster for more than 22 years, David now can help people achieve their entrepreneurial visions.