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Jun 8

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As an entrepreneur you should feed your brain every day. Just like your body needs good nutrition, your brain craves guidance and daily information to help you grow as a business leader. Here is one of my favorite people to follow for brilliant ideas and inspiration: Darren Hardy.

Darren Hardy was the publisher of Success Magazine and also started his own business inspiring and motivating leaders like yourself. With a series of daily emails (M-F) Darren produces the Darren Daily. This content is motivational and it's how I like to start my day. 

If this format doesn't work for you, you should still find something to help motivate and inspire you on a regular basis. Maybe content on a weekly basis is a better scenario for you. Perhaps podcasts in your car is more appealing.

No matter what, though, as an entrepreneur and leader in your industry, you need to feed your brain. 

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