Grow Up, Not Out

Jul 27

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One of my team members once pointed out that the company was growing in the wrong direction. As a manic entrepreneur, I was adding to the company very quickly without regard to the core of our business or our mission. She pointed out that the growth was horizontally, like a shrub, instead of vertically like a tree. 

The company offered more options to clients and had multiple product lines, but now we were distracted, overworked and not profiting from the growth like we could have had we only concentrated on our core business. 


With that in mind, I ask you to reevaluate your priorities. Have you even considered that your business should have company-wide goals and priorities that everyone in the company is working toward? Focusing your team on only a handful or priorities will make a big difference. 

When you have multiple departments with their own set of goals, what can you do as the head of the company to make sure each department is in sync? Having common goals and transparent metrics is one way to guarantee that each team understands the larger goals of the company.

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