Strive to Be Stupid

Apr 5

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4/5/2016  RssIcon

Many (bad) leaders strive to look really smart all the time. They feel compelled to appear intelligent to their team in fear of being looked down upon as not a “fearless leader.”

Guess what?  Most successful leaders aim to be the dumbest person in the room. While this sounds silly, it’s actually an insightful and mature goal.

Great leaders are secure enough to surround themselves with wickedly smart people who are much smarter than themselves. That is the only way your organization will grow!

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in BIG trouble.

Good leaders keep their ego in their back pocket and listen to the smart people they surround themselves with much more than they talk.

And you know what? Your team will love you for it. They will not think you are dumb, but actually respect you more because you’ll appear humble and open.

The huge benefit is that this will inspire them to be engaged and offer feedback knowing that you’re receptive.

Don’t be afraid to be dumb. Get excited about being the most stupid person in the room and get ready to have your team scale the business up!

Plus, it’s just darn easier if YOU don’t have to think of everything.

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