Do You Have a Support System?

May 17

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No entrepreneur is an island. You don't try to run the day-to-day of your business alone, why would you settle for having to make big decisions or work through issues without a support system? 

As the head of a company, it can be very lonely some days. You'll find yourself overthinking and worrying about your business with no one in your circle of friends who understands. That's what entrepreneur groups are for! And it isn't a moment of weakness to admit you need one. Put your ego in your back pocket and recognize that some of your best decisions will be made because you had a support system of other entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of.

Look in your community for groups like Entrepreneur's Organization (EO), Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Vistage, Mangiamo!, etc. Find the group that works best with your schedule and sign up to attend a meeting. I know you'll surprise yourself by how uplifting and encouraging even one meeting can be. 

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