Still talking about Core Values (Yep, they are that important!)

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My most recent blog entry was about finding your company’s core values. It was the best piece ever written, you’ll love it! (That was my Donald Trump impression.) 

Seriously, it was OK and you’ll learn how to discover the values that are already innately in your company and then how to bring them to life. (If you missed it, read it HERE.) 

Now the question is: "How do make sure your team, and especially new recruits, know how to interpret your core values?" 

Let me explain: One of the core values we value at our company is “We Aim to Wow!” Now, that could literally mean that a new team member flashes a guest when they get off the elevator. So that would certainly be a “WOW!” experience… (But that is NOT the kind of WOW experience we want at our company.) So we set out to define how to properly live our core values. 

We made it clear that when living “We Aim to WOW!” that flashing, mooning or any kind of exposing does not fit our definition. We defined WOW! as leaving a customer breathless during an interaction because of such incredible service. We literally want our customer to feel so special and blow away, that they say “WOW!” We want our team to “Do Whatever it Takes” (another one of our core values) to make customers feeling Wow-ed! 

It has served us well and has made the definition of living our core values very clear. 

Need help finding your core values and then defining them? I can help! Find a free download worksheet HERE. I can also help you with the hard work of keeping them alive in your organization. Interested? Email me at

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