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I am constantly learning. As an entrepreneur, do you consciously choose to experience new things? By doing this, you are actively trying to grow your business.

This topic is on my mind this week as I leave for the Insane Productivity Conference in San Diego. Hosted by Darren Hardy, one of the leading speakers and advisors to entrepreneurs, he is the author of “The Compound Effect” and “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.”

I always look forward to events and conferences like this Insane Productivity Conference. It gets my mind racing in the best way.

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One of my team members once pointed out that the company was growing in the wrong direction. As a manic entrepreneur, I was adding to the company very quickly without regard to the core of our business or our mission. She pointed out that the growth was horizontally, like a shrub, instead of vertically like a tree. The company offered more options to clients and had multiple product lines, but now we were distracted, overworked and not profiting from the growth like we could have had we only concentrated on our core business.

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I recognized when I needed a little help getting to that next level. As an entrepreneur, you will hit that plateau, too. Will you know what to do next when that moment happens?
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No entrepreneur is an island. You don't try to run the day-to-day of your business alone, why would you settle for having to make big decisions or work through issues without a support system? 

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Many (bad) leaders strive to look really smart all the time. They feel compelled to appear intelligent to their team in fear of being looked down upon as not a “fearless leader.”

Guess what?  Most successful leaders aim to be the dumbest person in the room. While this sounds silly, it’s actually an insightful and mature goal.
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About 12 years ago, I was in the throes of expanding my business from a local magazine to a nationally distributed publication. I tripled my team, started franchising and was working like a dog. 

Then I met a very successful entrepreneur who has seemed to have it all. He had five thriving businesses, a great family and looked happy, fit and healthy. 

Meanwhile, I was overweight, exhausted and only on my first business! So, I asked him what the secret was. And he told me a story I’ll never forget. 
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My most recent blog entry was about finding your company’s core values. It was the best piece ever written, you’ll love it! (That was my Donald Trump impression.) 


Seriously, it was OK and you’ll learn how to discover the values that are already innately in your company and then how to bring them to life. (If you missed it, read it HERE.) 

 Now the question is: "How do make sure your team, and especially new recruits, know how to interpret your core values?"

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The Latin word for heart is “cor.” 

The Italian word for heart is “cuore.” 
The French word for heart is “coeur.”  
The Spanish word for heart is corazón,” 

Are you beginning to understand where the English word “Core” comes from and how it relates to your values? 

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When I was in college, I thought about being a restaurant owner. It looked so glamorous… going from table to table, greeting guests and friends. Being surrounded all day and night with good food and wine…. It seemed like every night would be a party and I would get to be the host! 


I told my friend’s father about my dream, who happened to own a restaurant. He took by the shoulders and asked me to sit down. He gave me a serious look and sternly asked me to forget this dream, because it actually was a nightmare.

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