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I am constantly learning. As an entrepreneur, do you consciously choose to experience new things? By doing this, you are actively trying to grow your business.

This topic is on my mind this week as I leave for the Insane Productivity Conference in San Diego. Hosted by Darren Hardy, one of the leading speakers and advisors to entrepreneurs, he is the author of “The Compound Effect” and “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.”

I always look forward to events and conferences like this Insane Productivity Conference. It gets my mind racing in the best way.

By David Mammano on
Many (bad) leaders strive to look really smart all the time. They feel compelled to appear intelligent to their team in fear of being looked down upon as not a “fearless leader.”

Guess what?  Most successful leaders aim to be the dumbest person in the room. While this sounds silly, it’s actually an insightful and mature goal.

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