By David Mammano on
About 12 years ago, I was in the throes of expanding my business from a local magazine to a nationally distributed publication. I tripled my team, started franchising and was working like a dog. 

Then I met a very successful entrepreneur who has seemed to have it all. He had five thriving businesses, a great family and looked happy, fit and healthy. 

Meanwhile, I was overweight, exhausted and only on my first business! So, I asked him what the secret was. And he told me a story I’ll never forget. 
By David Mammano on
When I was in college, I thought about being a restaurant owner. It looked so glamorous… going from table to table, greeting guests and friends. Being surrounded all day and night with good food and wine…. It seemed like every night would be a party and I would get to be the host! 


I told my friend’s father about my dream, who happened to own a restaurant. He took by the shoulders and asked me to sit down. He gave me a serious look and sternly asked me to forget this dream, because it actually was a nightmare.

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